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Terms and Conditions

Let’s face it; we like creating terms and conditions about as much as you like reading them; nevertheless, like vitamins, they are good for everyone! So please read the following terms and conditions carefully before placing your order. We made them like chewable Flinstone vitamins--not the yucky ones we have to take as adults. 


Who are we?


Schoolplies is a complete, full-service company for school supplies. We create teacher-tailored, classroom specific supply lists. We then fulfill and package the specific supplies and deliver them to participating schools.  Likewise, we can ship the supply kits to the family home. By the way, we also sell other cool stuff.


**Legal Jargon Alert*** We are technically Schoolplies, LLC. Any reference to “Schoolplies” throughout this document shall be understood as Schoolplies, LLC. 


Privacy and Data Collection:


Schoolplies is a company that prides itself on being respectful; we think it rude and intrusive to use your personal information for our financial gain. We DO NOT sell, trade, or lease our customer files, mailings, or email lists. The personal information that you give us when ordering products is kept confidential by Schoolplies, LLC.


We will, however, send promotional emails and newsletters with special offers. This is our respectful way of providing you friendly reminders that we exist. You always have the ability to opt out of our email list, but we hope you won’t. We’d miss you terribly.


Price and Availability:


All products advertised for sale on the site are subject to availability. In the case that we run out of stock, no worries, we will still take care of you! At that point, there are two possible paths to take:  


  1. If you have already purchased your kit, patience is a virtue. Leave it up to us to quickly re-stock and fulfill your order - you will be notified if this occurs. 

  2. If, however,  you intend to purchase a kit, and we are out of stock, you have the option to pre-order and receive an estimated fulfillment notification. It’s definitely worth the wait! 


If we fail to supply any products for any reason, you will NOT be charged for such products. 


However, we are not responsible for typographical errors or pricing errors, and we reserve the right to cancel any order when an error is identified and you will receive a full refund.


Method of Payment


Use whatever form of payment you like, we are good as long as you pay. Schoolplies prefers that you use a credit/debit card where payment is made at the point of order submission. If you decide you want to write a check, send gold doubloons, or barter, why not? It could be fun! Email us at, and we can work something out. Do know that if you pursue that route your order will take longer to process as we may have to add up the amounts using an abacus and chisel the invoice on a stone tablet. Additionally, the order will ship only after payment has been received. 


At Schoolplies, we really do care about you, and we want you to get your order completed as quickly as possible. However, we all know this is a time unlike we’ve known; order processing and shipment may be inevitably delayed or take longer than usual.  We are doing our very best to ensure your Schoolplies order arrives quickly and safely. It is 2020 alas, so we never know what may happen next. If you have any major concerns, please email us at




Schoolplies is based in Houma, Louisiana (look at a map of Louisiana, find New Orleans, and look due south--yes, there are actually people living south of New Orleans).  We are proud to deliver products within the continental United States to the address provided at the time you place your order. Tracking numbers and all that jazz will be provided to ensure that the products are delivered to the address specified by you by the estimated delivery date. Schoolplies shall not be liable for any losses, damages, or charges incurred by you because of late delivery of the products. 


Schoolplies uses the United States Postal Service to deliver our kits. When your kit is ready to be mailed, the brave mailmen and women of USPS will venture through rain, the rare snow storm, hurricane, sharknado, and any rough terrain to ensure that your school supplies are delivered within 7-10 business days. If by any chance your kit does not arrive within that time frame, please give us a “hoot” immediately at (985) 238-3225. 


Canceling an Order which has already been placed:


Now why would you want to do that? Once an order is placed online, it cannot be cancelled unless extenuating circumstances prevail. If you place an order and decide to cancel it, please follow these instructions:


  1. Email us immediately at and explain your situation. OR

  2. Call us immediately and become our new best friend. In speaking with our Schoolplies service, you might just realize you don’t actually want to cancel your order--you want to order more! Or explain why you need to cancel, and we will provide you with a refund. 


Consequently, please do not refuse an order that arrives at your home. The brave mail person cannot handle this issue; they don’t work for Schoolplies. Additionally, please don’t send it back to us. That would be too much hoopla for all parties. Instead, consider donating your kit to a student in need and then share your story with us; we can still refund your purchase. At Schoolplies, we wish to love our customers and the community. We hope that you’ll adopt this philosophy and do the same in your community.  


Returning Goods:


Our number one goal is for you to be happy with your purchase! Shopper’s remorse is bad for your skin and will give you wrinkles--it’s science; trust the science. If for any reason you are not happy with the loot you have purchased, give us a “hoot” at or use our handy dandy “Contact Page” to contact us. 


In the case that you find damages to your items, you can receive a brand new replacement for the damaged singular items. We ask that you take photos and send us an email with the photos attached in order that we may process your return. Please take photos of ONLY the items that are damaged, and we will provide brand new replacements or, in certain instances, a refund of the purchase price. Once we send you the new loot, do as you wish with the damaged goods. Remember, recycle when possible! Again, please do not send it back to Schoolplies - too much hoopla for all parties involved. 




We cannot accept responsibility and will not be liable for any damages to the products caused by the purchaser or user. Additionally, we accept no liability for any indirect or consequential occurrences. For example, if your student engages in a sword fight with their Schoolplies pencil and hurts another student, we will not be held liable. 


Schoolplies reserves the right to accept business or reject business from any individual, business, or organization. If your order is accepted you agree to pay the full price, including shipping (if applicable) and sales tax (if applicable) shown on the checkout page. If there are additional services required, such as lift gate or inside delivery, you agree to pay for these services (which will be quoted prior to shipment) - it is highly doubtful that a family will require any of that, but we need “Legal Jargon”.


These terms and conditions are used to explain our business process to customers. These are the rules, please play by them so that we all have a great experience.


Congratulations, you’re done! Now, check that box and checkout!