Library Guidelines

You are the Experts


The Schoolplies family and I extend a warm welcome to you. Thank you for your interest in contributing to our expanding library. Through your submissions, we can hear the voices of the experts--because You Are the Experts. We look forward to hearing from you.

Submission Guidelines

Schoolplies accepts original writings from teachers, active and retired, and Graduate Students studying in related educational fields. The Library features publications about teaching and learning, lesson plans and activities, current event topics, issues facing teachers and students, the state of education in America, special education topics, humorous anecdotes, and whatever else affects you and your students.

All submissions should be:
  • Submissions should be between 500–800 words; longer pieces (>1500 words) may be submitted for consideration.
  • The tone should be conversational but professional and presented in an encouraging, constructive way and provides an actionable plan to deal with the problem or situation expressed in the submission.
  • Please, avoid victimizing, harshly criticizing, false blaming, or virtue signaling.
  • Schoolplies will give preference to authors who have previously published posts on the Schoolplies blog.
  • Avoid promotion of particular products, programs, publications, or services.
  • In line with the less formal entry style, submissions should not include Works Cited lists. Instead, use hyperlinked research sources in the following format:
  • “I have my students read Dandelion Wine by Ray Bradbury each year.”

    Submission Process

    When writing a piece for the Library, we ask you to submit a pitch outlining your topic and perspective (50–150 words) on the Contributor Information form. Please include the following in your pitch: definition/interpretation of your topic. You can type directly into the form or upload a file into the form. Our editors will provide feedback and direction before a full-post submission. Please note that writers are encouraged to submit on any educational related topic, but we cannot guarantee publication until a post is submitted and reviewed.

    Educators should submit their full-post to in any of the following forms--Google Documents, Word or Pages documents (please, no PDFs) and should include:
  • a title;
  • photo of 2 MB or less of the author, preferably in a setting (such as in a classroom, library, office, or outside)
  • a 1–2 sentence biography of the author(s); include # of years as a teacher and subjects taught
  • any accreditations, awards, honors, or notable accolades
  • (Optional) author(s) Instagram or Twitter handle(s), if on either;
  • (Optional) a notation if on LinkedIn
  • (Optional) Teachers Pay Teacher Store Link
  • Editorial Process

    The Schoolplies’ staff reviews all submissions for consideration and lets the authors know whether a post has been accepted for publication within two-three weeks.

    All pieces chosen for publication will be copyedited. If necessary, a post may be returned to the author for clarification or revision.

    Schoolplies’ editors have the right to make editorial changes in any submission bound for publication to ensure clarity, conciseness, or style. The editors’ decisions are final.

    Schoolplies’ and the editorial staff choose submissions for publication based on various criteria, including currency, clarity, and relevance. We’ll do our best to keep authors informed about their submissions’ status, and authors are encouraged to email for an update on a submitted piece.

    Schoolplies’ policy is to provide a platform for the open discussion of ideas concerning teachers and issues related to the teaching. The publication of a submission, which may express a particular point of view, is not an endorsement by Schoolplies, its President or CEO, or editorial staff. Unless otherwise stated, all content in the Library is owned and copyrighted by Schoolplies. Schoolplies reserves the right to remove any publications or comments from the site.


    At Schoolplies, we understand that your time is precious. We offer a compensation package for avid submitters with frequent publications to show you our appreciation for working with us. Our compensation package includes:

  • a $5 in store credit on our Schoolplies website for a submission
  • $20 in compensation once your submission is published in The Library
  • Additionally, 10% of all ad revenue generated by your posts after the publication of 10 submissions
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