Custom Solutions


Made Just for You

Schoolplies recognizes that schools are limited by time and resources, so our customizable services are free of charge when schools work with us. We cater to teacher-tailored lists, wish lists, and generic lists. We sort, package, deliver, and disburse all of the materials to be shipped, and we oversee all aspects of our operations.


Options suitable to your needs


Enjoy the simplicity of bulk ordering while receiving the luxury of organized logistics.


Every supply list received is converted into a purchasable kit for simplified online shopping.

Quarterly Ordering

Purchase supplies for your school in increments to maximize your school’s buying power.

L  E  A  R  N   M  O  R  E


Do you have a supply fee established or include a supply fee in the cost of tuition? 

Do you wish to purchase student kits or teacher supply closet kits, or both? 

Your Schoolplies team will: 

- Work with your schools to create teacher-tailored supply lists with high quality products that fit your budget.
- Fulfill the supply requests, organize  and pack the supplies, and we can deliver the kits directly to your schools!
- Pack the students’ kits separately from any teachers’ supply closet kits.
- Customize select supplies* with school logos if requested and provide labels for student and teacher supply kits for an additional fee.
- Contribute to your schools by enrolling you in our 5WORKS Program in which Schoolplies gives 5% of your sales back to your schools. 


Does your school provide supply lists so that parents can go out and purchase supplies on their own?

Parents, do you hate the hassle of Back-to-School shopping, going from one store to another to get all the supplies your children need?

-- The Ship-to-Home option will not be available for 2022. --

The Ship-to-Home Solution is the ideal solution for schools that wish to completely outsource the process of student supplies.


With the Home Solution:

- You send us your supply lists for the upcoming school year.
- We create teacher-tailored student kits that include all of the products named on the supply lists.
- We provide marketing materials for your school to distribute to parents with your school-specific code; this code directs parents to your school's online store where student kits can be purchased.
- We handle all payment processing and delivery.
- You can help your school by purchasing kits from Schoolplies because we contribute 5% of every sale back to your school. 
- We deliver a check for 5% of the total sales from your school in October of each school year.


Schools may also purchase supplies to fulfill teachers' needs too!

Quarterly Ordering

Do you want an economical way to plan your supply purchases for the year to keep a better account of what you use the most or the least?

Are you just tight on storage space?

The Quarterly Supply Solution allows you to:

- Purchase supplies on a quarterly basis. Throughout the year, your needs may change. We are here to accommodate! 
- Track the total amount of materials you purchase in a year in order to avoid over-purchasing or under-purchasing. We want to help you utilize your dollars to maximize efficiency.


If purchasing supplies four times a year is too much, let’s talk about how we can customize to fit your calendar and budget.