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We want our library to be a resource for all those who are involved in a child's education-- teacher, parent, and student. Our articles and posts are designed to provide information that will interest teachers, inform parents, and inspire students.

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For as many different teachers there are in the world, there are many reasons for why we write. It may be a passion that's never been shared or a coping strategy to deal with the circumstances that are out of our control. Whatever the motivation, there is much left unwritten.

That's why we need you, and here is what we can offer:
  • An opportunity to possibly earn revenue from what you submit.
  • A place for you to present written pieces in a safe, supportive environment.
  • A platform where all voices may be heard.
  • We at Schoolplies encourage all of our writers to create a written piece about which they are most passionate. If, however, you are suffering from writer's block, we have some particular areas that we would like people to tackle in their writings. Email us to discuss ideas.

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