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John and Allie Casey are the dynamic brother and sister duo behind Schoolplies. The two of them are taking up the reigns and forging their way to bring Education preparedness to the forefront while incorporating Community, Faith, and, of course, Family.
Schoolplies is founded on a long history-- over four generations--in the retail and distribution businesses. Merging their vast knowledge of both, Allie and John are creating their own retail distribution business, making use of their grandmother’s insights. As a three-term Louisiana BESE President (Board of Elementary and Secondary Education), her knowledge, combined with the many teachers’ within the family, make this a natural choice.
Both Allie and John hold Master Degrees in Business Administration--Allie is a graduate of the University of Louisiana at Lafayette, and John is a graduate of Nicholls State University. John has been working in the family distribution business for ten years. While Allie has held numerous positions within the business over the past seven years.
The Casey duo is passionate about simplifying the services offered to schools, teachers, and families concerning school supplies and educational information. The two have considerable aspirations for the development of Schoolplies; moreover, despite rapid growth, they desire to know their customers personally to anticipate and provide the materials their customers need. Schoolplies is not the typical online shopping site; we want to be the neighborhood shop for our customers’ educational needs.
Our mission is to make tools and materials accessible to all students and educators to support classroom success. We support parents and educators in order to advocate for education and make the classroom a place where everyone thrives.
At Schoolplies, we believe that every student deserves to feel Confident, Competent, and Prepared from the first day of school, ensuring a successful, productive, and enjoyable school year. 
Faith, Family, Education, Accessibility, Community, and Innovation